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New Arrivals for Children


Here's what just hit the shelves at the Grundy Library:



New Arrivals for Children

Juvenile Fiction | Juvenile Non-Fiction | Juvenile Graphic Novels


 Juvenile Fiction 

  • Apartment 1986/ Papademetriou
  • Beyond the Bright Sea/ Wolk
  • Bravelands, Broken Pride/ Hunter
  • Camp Half-Blood Confidential/ Riordan
  • Doorman’s Repose/ Raschka
  • Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor/ Sobol
  • Lilly and Fin/ Funke
  • Pottymouth and Stoopid/ Patterson and Grabenstein
  • Princess Cora and the Crocodile/ Schlitz
  • Quicksand Point?/ Lisle
  • Restart/ Korman
  • Rise of the Isle of the Lost/ De La Cruz
  • The Trials of Apollo/ RiordanApartment 1986/ Papademetriou


Juvenile Non-Fiction

  • Strong Is the New Pretty/ J155.433P
  • Smart Girl’s Guide to Cooking/ J641.5123D
  • Boys Dancing/ J793.3A
  • Top Dance Tips/ J792.8J
  • Scholastic Year in Sports 2017/ J796S
  • Thunder Underground/ J811Y
  • The Keeper: the Unguarded Story of Tim Howard/ J92 Howard
  • Newton’s Rainbow/ J92 Newton
  • Aly Raisman/ J92 Raisman
  • Forward: My Story, Amy Wambach/ J92 Wambach



New Juvenile Graphic Novel 

  • Descendants, Wicked World
  • Underground Abductor/ Hale
  • Real Friends/ Hale
  • The Time Museum/ Loux