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Knit & Crochet Nights


Join us monthly for Knit and Crochet Nights - check the Library program calendar for dates and times.

New to knitting? All are welcome!

In the meantime, check out these YouTube videos for help getting started.



How to make a slip knot 

How to cast on 

The knit stitch

The purl stitich 

How to cast off / bind off 

Beginning knitting for the left handed 



Basic Crocheting-Part 1 

Basic Crocheting-Part 2 

Make a Crochet Heart

Try making your own reusable dust covers!

           Knitted duster cover

           Crocheted duster cover


Some suggestions from our Knit & Crochet group members

Ravelry -Get access to patterns, advice, and great knitting and crocheting community (Sign up for a free account)

BluPrint - Free online classes and projects thru 4/16

LionBrand - Video library covering knitting and crocheting topics


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