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Obituary / Article Retrieval Request


This form should be used to request an obituary or article from the Bucks County Courier Times. It should be used by anyone unable to visit the library to search the microfilm. Library Archive staff will complete the search on your behalf.

Please fill out the fields below as completely as possible. 

A staff member will contact you once your request has been submitted. If research fees apply, we will arrange for payment at that time.

Please keep the amount of obituary or article requests to a limit of five. If more than five obituaries / articles are desired, additional fees will apply.

Fees are applicable for any Obituary or Article Retrieval requiring microfilm research. Payment must be received prior to services being rendered. 
Please see our guidelines for more details or contact the library for additional information.

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Mailing Address
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If obituary request, please complete the following information
Exact date of death is preferred. Library staff can only search within a one month timeframe.
If desired, please provide additional information.
If article request, please complete the following information:
Additional details may include section in paper, page number, etc.
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